Accreditation is coming...
Is your program
ready for Accreditation?
Is your Curriculum
Mapped to the latest Standards?
Can you
prove it?
How CBlue can help

Are You Ready for Accreditation?

Accrediting requirements are becoming more rigorous. New standards require more granular evidence of the relationships between learning objectives, assessment and complex competency frameworks.

How does your program track longitudinal and integrated curricula? How do you manage multiple stakeholders that contribute to the curriculum? Are you adopting a competency based curriculum? How do you ensure that your program is continually improving?

CBlue was developed to address these challenges.

CBlue is a robust curriculum mapping solution that intelligently aligns learning objectives, assessment and competency framework with subject matter. Paired with a comprehensive reporting engine, the platform can extract extremely granular reports that clearly demonstrate your compliance with standards, as well as key quality management information about the program.

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Why CBlue?

Complex Curriculum Mapping

Develop granular program blueprints that capture the complex relationships between pedagogical activities, learning outcomes, assessment, competency frameworks and other esoteric program taxonomies.

Demonstrate Compliance

Provide administrators with a holistic overview the program. Create robust reports that support educational governance activities, and demonstrate compliance with increasingly demanding accreditation standards.

Flexible, Modular Solution

CBlue is built on an open and flexible architecture that encourages the interoperability of disparate learning technology platforms, and facilitates cost-effective, bespoke, solutions tailored to your program’s requirements - not the vendors.

Our Partners

The strength of CBlue Software is the quality of our strong higher education partners. We are proud to work closely with institutions that are focused on improving their accreditation standards and student outcomes.

Memorial University

St. John's, NL CA

Faculty of Medicine
School of Pharmacy
School of Nursing
School of Social Work
Engineering & Applied Sciences

Université Laval

Quebec, QC CA

Faculté de médecine

Universidad de los Andes

Santiago, Chile

Facultad de Odontología

University of Bristol

Brtistol, UK

School of Clinical Sciences
School of Oral and Dental Sciences
School of Veterinary Sceinces

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in CBlue. Get in touch to learn how CBlue aligns with your program’s curriculum mapping requirements, schedule a live demonstration, or any other inquiries about our curriculum blueprinting solution. In the meantime, you can explore a live, public implementation of CBlue at the Memorial University School of Medicine.

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